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Our Mission Statement 

Promoting peace and kindness through mutual respect, cultural understanding, and cooperation – one individual, one community at a time. We foster international and intercultural understanding through program and project development focusing on the arts, culture, citizen diplomacy, youth education and exchange, and community connections.



A Message from the President

2024 has started with such momentum and excitement for the CCSCC! We were honored to have hosted the February Uruapan delegation visit to Culver City to mark our 60 years of friendship and sister-city relations! Uruapan, Mexico was and always will be Culver City’s first sister city! We are grateful for our partnership with the Culver City Historical Society, Senior Center, and Teen Center that helped make this delegation visit a success! The CCSCC is planning for more excitement and community member engagement in 2024!

In May, the CCSCC will receive a Kaizuka delegation focusing on the restoration of the Kaizuka Meditation Garden gifted to Culver City 50 years ago in 1974! To welcome our guests, we will be hosting garden activities for our members and friends to connect. 

In the summer of 2024, we are resuming our summer youth exchange programs, welcoming Kaizuka youth to Culver City, and sending Culver City youth to Iksan City! On behalf of the CCSCC, we are very appreciative to the Culver City community and our sister cities around the world for their ongoing interest and support as we strive to strengthen our bonds locally and internationally for the present and future generations! Please email to request more information about how you can get involved, become a member, and make friends around the world!


Lisa Saperston
March 2024

A Message from the Culver City Mayor

I would like to express my gratitude to our Sister City Committee members for their dedication to strengthening our bonds with all of our Sister Cities.

We are proud of the positive relationships we have forged with our Sister Cities over the years, which have been enriched by cultural exchanges and valued friendships. We have seen the positive impact of international cooperation and how it can improve our communities through our collaborative efforts.

I appreciate the Sister City Committee’s positive energy and commitment to welcome and serve Culver City community members of all ages. These efforts continue to contribute to creating understanding, friendship, and mutual respect among all our cities – which, now more than ever, is vital for humankind.

I invite the entire community to experience some of the Sister City Committee’s wonderful programs.

Yasmine-Imani McMorrin
June 2024

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