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Our Mission Statement 

Promoting peace and kindness through mutual respect, cultural understanding, and cooperation – one individual, one community at a time. We foster international and intercultural understanding through program and project development focusing on the arts, culture, citizen diplomacy, youth education and exchange, and community connections.

A Message from the Co-Presidents:

As we move eagerly step by step into our future, we look forward to the end of pandemic restraints that shut down the world. At no time have the words, ‘We are all in this together’ rang so true and meant so much. Despite the social distancing, our Culver City Sister Cities connections have never been closer because whatever we have all been through, it’s the support, the friendships, the respect, the kindness, and compassion that have and will overcome any adversity that comes our way no matter where in the world we live. We look forward to new horizons, new cultures, new traditions, and new friendships while nurturing tenaciously the ones we already have. Belonging to something with all that we value enriches our lives deliciously and brings us together, no matter how far apart we may be.
Sincerely your Co-Presidents, 
Maren Neufeld & Lisa Saperston
September 2021

A Few Words from the Mayor

From its founding, Culver City’s unofficial slogan has been, “All Roads Lead to Culver City.” Today’s Culver City demonstrates that roads are two-way connections. The success of our local entertainment and cultural industries depends on both reaching and working to understand the world. As a small city with five active sister city relationships, Culver City demonstrates its commitment to nurturing international connections through strong and meaningful cultural, educational, information, and trade exchanges. I am grateful to CCSCC for creating citizen diplomats who help us interpret a complex present and bind us more closely to the broader world.

Mayor Alex Fisch
January 2021

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